Here we inform about program cancellations and changes in opening times

Skatepark Halle59 during the autumn holidays: Open every day (see weekly overview under the menu item "Skatepark") from 3 p.m. On October 3rd due to public holidays such as Sundays, the skate park is only open for all sports until 8 p.m.

Artistik/circus during the fall holidays: The Open Training and the Artistik (circus) Basics only take place in the first week on Wednesday, October 4th. The groups have a break during the fall break. On Tuesday, October 3rd Open Training is canceled due to a public holiday, on Friday October 6th. and the entire second week of the autumn holidays there will unfortunately be no open training due to the intensive week of our circusgroup Impuls.

Climbing during the autumn holidays: Open climbing takes place normally in the first week of the autumn holidays except Tuesday, October 3rd. The groups have a break during the fall break. On Tuesday, October 3rd The open children's and youth climbing is canceled due to a public holiday. Unfortunately, there will be no open climbing offers during the entire second week of the autumn holidays due to the intensive week of our artistic group Impuls.


Climbing (Klettern)

Circus (Artistik)




AHK Weekly Plan

These offers take place regularly in the AHK. We publish program failures under "Important Information" (to be found on the black bar at the top of the homepage). All non-weekly offers and other dates can be found in the calendar.


On this website we introduce you to the AHK. Under the menu items Klettern (Climbing), Artistik (Circus), Skatepark, Trial und Dirt you will find all information and offers of the respective culture of movement. You can tell which area you are in from the colored markings. There are both open offers, for which you can simply come by without prior registration, and offers for which you have to register in advance. You can find the contact person on the respective subpages. The information below the description text tells you whether you need to bring your own sports equipment and material or whether this is provided by us. You will also find the dates, times and costs. Please check the important information at the top of our homepage regularly, where we publish closing times, short-term changes in the program and admission stops. It is also worth subscribing to our monthly email newsletter and staying up to date via our social media channels. You can find out general information about the AHK on the subpages of the AHK menu item.


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  • When: 11:00 - 14:00

    Place: Halle59

    Contact: Dany Leuffer

    Department: Halle59

    Type: Open offer

    Ab und zu öffnet die Halle59 Ihre Türen sonntags bereits um 11.00 Uhr für alle jungen Fahrer:innen unter zwölf Jahren. Der Rampenpark gehört dann bis 14:30 Uhr ganz allein dem jungen Nachwuchs. Das Angebot wird von wechselnden Trainer:innen betreut und wir stellen unser Leihequipment (BMX, Skateboards & Scooter, sowie Helme) zur Verfügung – solange der Vorrat reicht!
    Alter: 4 bis 12 Jahre
    Kosten: 4€-freiwillig 8€/Tag inkl. Leihmaterial
    Hinweis: Es gibt kostenlose Leihgeräte, Spende erwünscht; Außerdem besteht Helmpflicht; Trainer:innen sind vor Ort

  • Place: AHK Artistikfläche

    Contact: Dominikus Moos

    Department: Artistik

    Type: Group offer

    Unsere Auftrittsgruppe Impuls trainiert an diesem Sonntag für ihre diesjährige Show. Teilnahme nur für Teilnehmende unserer Auftrittsgruppe Impuls.

  • When: 15:00 - 18:00

    Place: AHK

    Contact: Stefanie Herrwig

    Department: Klettern

    Type: Open offer

    Unser neues Schnupper-Kletterangebot für ALLE zwischen 6 und 9 Jahren.
    Anmeldungen sind ab 2 Wochen vor dem Angebot Montags (ab 19.00) möglich
    Weitere Infos findest du hier: